Professional Bonds - Quotes

Isin Description Last Coupon Expiry Bid Ask  
XS2325743990 Bper Banca Social Bond Mc Mz27 Call Eur 1.375 2027/03/31
XS2343116039 Unicredit Mc 04lg26 Call Eur 0.649 2026/07/04
XS2353182020 Efi Sdg Linked Tf 0% Gn27 Call Eur 2027/06/17
XS2353182293 Efi Sdg Linked Tf 0,5% Gn30 Call Eur 0.50 2030/06/17
XS2353182376 Efi Sdg Linked Tf 0,875% Gn36 Call Eur 0.875 2036/06/17
XS2357205587 Terna Green Bond Tf 0,375% Gn29 Call Eur 0.375 2029/06/23
XS2357754097 Generali Sustainable 1,713% Gn32 T2 Call 1.713 2032/06/30
XS2358231798 Snam Transition Tf 0,625% Gn31 Call Eur 0.625 2031/06/30
XS2364001078 A2a Slb Tf 0,625% Lg31 Call Eur 0.625 2031/07/15
XS2390400633 Efi Sdg Linked Tf 0% Mg26 Call Eur 2026/05/28
XS2390400716 Efi Sdg Linked Tf 0,375% Mg29 Call Eur 0.375 2029/05/28
XS2390400807 Efi Sdg Linked Tf 0,875% St34 Call Eur 0.875 2034/09/28

Professional Bonds Quotes

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