Share Dps Bod Currency Ex Date Payment
Closed-end Funds 0.50308 EURO 24/04/08 24/04/10
Closed-end Funds 0.47576 EURO 23/07/10 23/07/12
Closed-end Funds 0.60968 EURO 22/10/03 22/10/05
Closed-end Funds 0.16687 EURO 22/08/01 22/08/03
Closed-end Funds 0.45236 EURO 21/12/13 21/12/15
Closed-end Funds 0.26723 EURO 21/03/01 21/03/03
Closed-end Funds 0.71415 EURO 18/10/08 18/10/10

Dividends paid by Qf Mediolanum Re A

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