Instrument Reference Data

Issuer UniCredit Bank AG
Marketing Name PLAIN VANILLA
Categories Market Plain Vanilla
Segment quotation Covered Warrant Plain Vanilla
ACEPI Class Leverage Instruments
ACEPI Type Covered Warrant
Kind Call
Directionality Long
Underlying Stellantis
Sector 20
Underlying Value 15.906
Strike 23.00
Initial Value N.A.
Interest Up N.A.
Interest Down N.A.
Average weighted quantity on the best bid last 20 days 1,182,997.00
Cap N.A.
Cap % N.A.
Floor N.A.
Floor % N.A.
Coupon N.A.
Commission N.A.
*For more details refer to the final terms
Isin Code DE000HR989J8
Alphanumeric Code UR989J
Denomination Uch Cw Call Stellantis 23 A 161221

Date Begin Trading 21/08/16
Expiry Date 21/12/16
Last Day Trading 21/12/13
Style American
Entitlement/Multiplier 0.10
Amount 5,000,000
Quanto No
Autocallable No
Final Evaluation Date 21/12/15


All Financial Data concerning the Covered Warrant Uch Cw Call Stellantis 23 A 161221

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