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Does the listing mean costs or only investments?

  • The listing fees are investments, often necessary, in order to improve the competitiveness and face the challenges of international growth
    Eg. Improvement of strategic planning, management control system, and of the external and internal communication strategies.
  • The listing fees should be always considered as benefits obtained through the listing.
    Eg. Credibility thanks to the membershio of an international high-standing market, title liquidity from the institutional and retail investors.
  • Differently from the banking system, the listing fees are paid only one, but they give permanently access to the funding.
    Eg, the company, after the listing, will have no due-diligence costs

The listing fees are:

  • Variable costs according to the offer dimension:  base alla dimensione dell’offerta: cost of titoli placement (made by broker or global coordinator). It is calculated in percentage on the gathering of funds and when the offer grows, their weight compared to fixed costs will also grow. 
  • Fixed costs to pay to the advisors (Sponsor/Nomad, legals, auditors and other advisors) in order to prepare the companies to list on the Exchange. These costs depend on the company complexity and the standing of the market.


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