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The choice of the team of advisors, which will support the company during the listing process and, in particular, the choice of the Nomad (Nominated Adviser) represent a fundamental passage for the success of the admission to the market. It is advisable that the choice is accurate and well weighted since the company and the advisors will work together in the preparation stage to the listing and throughout the period of permanence of the company on AIM Italia.


A Nomad is a central figure for AIM Italia. The Nomads must be approved by Borsa Italiana and included on the AIM Italia Register. A Nomad can be a  bank, an intermediary or a company mainly operating in the corporate finance sector. It must assess the appropriateness of the company to the admission to the market, supporting it in maintaining an adequate profile of  transparency, and stimulate the attention by the company to comply with the rules deriving from being listed on AIM Italia, maximizing the benefits thereof.

The main duties of a Nomad, so as provided by AIM Italia Rules, are the following:

  1. to make the due diligence described in the Rules of AIM Italia for the purpose of evaluating whether a company is eligible for admission to the market;
  2. to handle the listing process, coordinating the team of advisors, defining the time schedule and guiding the company in the preparation of the admission document;
  3. to provide advice to the company, once it is listed, about the requirements included in the Rules for companies. A Nomad assists the company listed on AIM Italia -throughout the period of permanence on the market.

Global Coordinator

The company that lists on AIM Italia must choose a Global Coordinator, which participates in the markets of Borsa Italiana and in the Nomad Register with the duty of placing the securities of the company on the market, after defining with the company the type of target investors, the most adequate price and the investor relations strategy to be adopted.
After being admitted, the company must provide itself with a specialist, who shall have the responsibility to support the liquidity of the security. A specialist does not always coincide with the Global Coordinator, which placed the securities during the admission phase, whilst the figure of the Global Coordinator and that of the Nomad may coincide, where the Nomad is an authorized intermediary.

Other advisors

The team of advisors, which will join the Nomad during the listing process, in order to ensure that all the activities are perfectly coordinated and planned for maintaining the envisaged time schedule for the listing, is represented by several firms depending on the company’s needs and the complexity of the transaction: the law firm, the auditing firm, the finance advisor, the communication company and the advisor in investor relations.

How to become Nomad

In order to become a Nomad it is first of all necessary to meet the admission criteria defined by Borsa Italiana, i.e. one must:  

  • be a company known to the market and with good standing, which has elected a board of directors, a supervisory board and with audited financial statements;
  • have practiced mainly corporate finance activity for an adequate period of time;
  • have performed an adequate number of  transactions such as, for example, transactions providing for the preparation of a prospectus or equivalent document (IPO or takeover bids);
  • have a sufficient number of employees to develop the activities;
  • have key executives of good standing and experience, evidenced by a number of material transactions and an adequate technical competence in corporate finance and market practices. These executives should have a solid comprenshion of the legal and regulatory scheme connected to corporate finance activities and should also know the Manual of issuers
  • have adequate procedures in order to comply with the Regulation. For banks and investment companies this criteria is already considered fulfilled.
  • Borsa Italiana in assessing the adequacy of the exercise period of corporate financeb activities, can take into consideration the 2-year-period whenever the applicant has highly experienced key executives (e.g. when the key executives come from a pre-existing Nomad)

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