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BTP Italia - Eleventh Issue


  • Distribution Period: from Monday, May the 15th until Thursday, May 18th 2017, with two phases: the first three days, from May the 15th to May the 17th have been reserved to individual investors and other entities with the same nature, while May the 18th has been reserved to the remaining types of institutional investors. The final bonus will be awarded to the participants in the First Phase of the distribution who hold the bond until maturity, in accordance with what established in previous issuances.
  • Settlement date for trades executed during the Placement Period: 22 May 2017
  • Dealers selected by the Issuer to the distribution: Banca IMI S.p.A. and UniCredit S.p.A. 
  • Fixed price for trades executed during the Placement Period (Issue price): 100%
  • Placement methods: First Phase: Continuous Trading phase only from 9.00 till 17.30 (no opening auction phase); Second Phase: Auction phase only, from 9:00 till 11:00, with a Pro-rata mechanism applicable.
  • Type of buy orders for the First Phase: market orders or limit orders at Issue price only. Validity types: Fill-or-Kill (FOK), Immediate or Cancel (IOC) or DAY only. Limit orders with the Day time in force remained into the book also in the case of temporary absence of the Dealers. Second Phase: market orders with the GTC time in force.
  • Minimum lot purchasable: First Phase: 1,000 Eur; Second Phase: 100,000 Eur.

Please download:
- the Public Notice for the start of distribution;
- the Public Notice for the Minimum Real Annual Interest;
- the Public Notice for the start of trading.

Please download the MEF press release and the Termsheet of the Eleventh Issuance.

For more details please visit MEF website.