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For Issuers

Considering that a continuing flow of updated information represents a fundamental requirement for the guarantee of the proper operation of the market, Borsa Italiana requires, as set out in article 2.6.2 paragraph 5 of the Rules, that issuers having instruments ETCs/ETNs listed on the ETFplus market make available to Borsa Italiana the following information:

a) the official value of the ETC/ETN;

b) the number of ETCs/ETNs outstanding;

c) the value of the underlying of the ETC/ETN where this is not otherwise available to Borsa Italiana.

The manner of fulfilling disclosure requirements and the channels used by issuers of ETCs/ETNs to comply disclosure requirements provided by Borsa Italiana Market Rules are set out in the Instructions accompanying the Rules where it is specified that:

- the issuer fulfils through the electronic Network Information System (NIS) the disclosure requirements referred to in Article 2.6.2, paragraphs 1, 3 and 17, of the Rules (including, in short: the annual calendar of corporate events; information on the functioning of the financial instrument; amount, detachment date and payment date of operating income coupons; and rating); These information are spread by Borsa Italiana through public notice.

- the issuer sends to Borsa Italiana through an electronic data feed the official value of the ETC/ETN and the number of ETCs/ETNs outstanding, then made available by Borsa Italiana through its web site at the following page:

daily number of ETC/ETN and official value

- via an information provider or website that ensures a dissemination among the public, the issuer discloses the value of the underlying of the ETC/ETN.

Last update:  February 22 2012 - 11:55

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